Them pakistani feels <3 <3 <3 Btw what is your whole take on the Inqilab/Azadi March?

calmfolly I am totally uncertain of the outcome of the azadi march rn but i wouldnt want anything more than to see a just democratic government to come into power, and right now imran khan is the best option the people have got and the huge crowds and persistency of the people are witness to that.. but alas, nawaz sharif is stubborn and he isnt going to resign easily (i dont think he ever will) he still has a large number of supporters yaknow and most of the people arent even taking the sit-ins seriously anymore, like they’ve become a place of attraction for most.. I wonder how long imran khan will be able to continue it but i pray so much that he somehow succeeds and in a way, he has.. hes trying so hard in making the people realize their true strength and has also made it difficult for anyone to rig in the future elections

What?? No my khaloo says he was plain heart broken and he just couldn’t deal with the idea of not living in Pakistan so HE LEFT HIS FAMILY and came here. He still has all his siblings in Bangladesh and he visits them once a year!

calmfolly my father doesnt have family there anymore because they all moved to pakistan but if you ask him about bangladesh he wont stop talking about his amazing childhood there lol

a Bangali guy, Ilyas used to work at our home when i was younger and I once asked him what they did there on 14th August and he told me that most people would hoist the Pakistani flag on their homes just like they do here in Pakistan. I was 9 years old at the time and it made me so happy to know that but he came to Pakistan a little before the year 2000 so im pretty sure things have changed quite a lot by now or maybe not